Doc's Group of Companies

Doc's Group is the Caribbean's Premiere Engineering Firm. Specializing in the fabrication of wire products, quality powder coating services, supplying the latest transport, demolition and construction equipment, the manufacturing of quality American Standard Pre Fabricated Housing. Making these services and products available to anyone, and anywhere in the Caribbean is the pride that Doc's Engineering Group of Companies strive on.

Doc's Group "where houses live"

Doc's Group,"Where Houses Live" Doc’s Engineering Works Limited offers you homes that are versatile, luxurious and affordable. Our technology comes from waffle crete international. Our walls are made with 5000psi concrete. Our homes are independently tested for earthquakes measuring 8.3 on the Richter Scale and can withstand a category 3 Hurricane. They are 99% fireproof . We offer a lifetime guarantee on the superstructure. Our homes can be easily expanded using our technology or conventional construction. Our technology allows for speedy construction without compromising the structural strength. We at the Doc’s Group offer you a quick, safe and comfortable housing experience.

PODS: Our latest investment opportunity! Doc's Group latest housing product is basically a self contained building that can either be stacked on top of each other, side by side or any position. This product has been popular with clients purchasing them as apartment units to place on their pre owned land for extra income! These units are comfortable, and come with all the amenities such as a washroom, kitchen with cupboards, bedroom cabinets, tiles and all plumbing. Like all of our homes, they are earthquake and hurricane proof! Best of all it can be constructed in a matter of days at the fraction of costs to conventional building...only 20 times stronger!

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DOC's Drainage System: Doc's is now providing the most technologically advanced drainage systems in the Caribbean. Due to poor drainage and planning systems, after a quick rainfall, most Trinidadians know to expect the roads to be flooded for hours causing havoc!....even in the capital Port of Spain! Doc's now provides a drainage system that can illuminate these problems. Best of all, it can be installed extremely quickly, reduces maintenance costs and road repairs, driveway/walkway slabs can be incorporated, constructed with 5000psi concrete and its extremely easy to maintain and clean!



We at the Doc’s Group offer you a variety of quality and attractive display units at an affordable price. With our new innovations we can now offer our customers the ability to store or ship as many display units as needed with ease and comfort, whilst reducing shipping and storage costs.

All our units are custom built to specifications and powder coated in the colour of choice. Our units come fully assembled or disassembled (our ‘knock down’ option) which is a space saver.